Become A Workplace Partner

Set up an Iowa Shares Workplace Giving campaign today!  Whether a large workplace or small business, it’s easy to become an Iowa Shares Workplace Partner,  your employees’ contributions go to charities right here in Iowa.

Why do workplaces conduct charitable giving campaigns?

  • Employees appreciate workplaces that make it easier for them to donate to services and organizations they support, and appreciate being able to make choices.
  • By making it possible for your employees to engage in philanthropy, your workplace becomes a better corporate citizen.

To get started, email or call (319) 331-9616.

  •  We’ll provide the materials your workplace needs for your employees to donate.
  •  We can create a customized online donation site for your company.
  •  We’ll visit your workplace to answer questions.

What sets Iowa Shares apart?

CHOICE  –  Donors may select specific Iowa Shares member organizations.  All designations are honored, including donations to non-Iowa Shares organizations.

FAIRNESS  – If a donor chooses not to designate a specific organization, their donation is divided among all the Iowa Shares full member organizations.

EFFECTIVENESS  We work to keep administrative costs low, so a greater portion of donations goes to the charities donors chose.

LOCAL CONTROL  –  Iowa Shares is run by a working board made of representatives from each full member organization.