Member Nonprofits

Iowa Shares is made up of nonprofit member organizations that address problems at their root causes and create long-lasting positive change in Iowa’s communities and the world. We are proud to support a wide range of member nonprofits, including those serving women, children, and families; supporting the environment; providing arts and cultural opportunities; supporting animal welfare; creating a just society; and improving our communities.

Full Members (Receive funds designated to the specific organization and a portion of funds not designated for a specific organization)

Amnesty International of Iowa

Working to secure the principles of human rights espoused in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through education and public advocacy via local groups in Ames, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines.

Amnesty International of Iowa | 4204 SW 7th Street, Des Moines IA   50315-3917 | 515-988-9910

Environmental Advocates

Raising local awareness about safe water, wetland restoration and recycling, participating in river clean-up events, committing start-up support for budding environmental organizations, and providing financial support for promising local environmental projects. We believe a sustainable environment is necessary for future generations.

Equality Iowa

A statewide, grassroots, non-partisan organization working to secure equality for all Iowans, Iowa’s LGBTQ communities and their allies, emphasizing the needs of the un- and under-served. Helping provide a voice & visibility for Iowa’s LGBTQ communities.

P O Box 18, Indianola IA  50125

Extend the Dream Foundation

EDF, working to raise awareness and inclusion of persons of all abilities, sponsors Uptown Bill’s Coffee House & Neighborhood Arts Center, Bookstore, Media Project and Saturday Night Concert Series, and offers meeting space for community organizations.

Iowa City Public Library Friends Foundation

Generating private financial support to enable Iowa’s busiest public library to offer the best possible programs, collections, and services to its communities.

Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility

To protect life and health from the gravest threats to survival, PSR Iowa works to eliminate nuclear weapons, slow and reverse climate change, and prevent toxic degradation of the environment.

Iowa Renewable Energy Association

Dedicated to the production and use of a diverse energy portfolio that includes energy efficiency and home-based renewable energy technologies including: wind, solar, biofuels, and biomass.

Iowa United Nations Association

For 60 years, providing statewide educational programming on world issues such as global health, human rights and the environment, and raising support for UN humanitarian campaigns such as UNICEF and Nothing but Nets.

Legion Arts

Presenting new art, music and theatre from around the globe; fostering community development through cultural engagement; and supporting the professional development of Iowa artists.  Based at historic CSPS Hall in Cedar Rapids.

Linn County United Nations Association

Working to achieve effective U.S. involvement in a strengthened United Nations, we raise awareness through advocacy, public programs, study groups, U.N. Day celebrations, and collaboration with community groups.

Quad Cities Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees

Quad Cities Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees supports people arriving from outside the country to integrate them into the Quad Cities community by advocating for them and collaborating with appropriate service providers. This includes elevating the public image of them by encouraging appreciation of their contributions to our society and sometimes providing direct services.

The Quire

The Quire is a not for profit chorus for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons promoting a positive image of these communities through excellence in choral music. Membership is open to anyone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and to anyone who is respectful and affirming of these communities.

Urban Ambassadors

Working to inspire and empower community members to be sustainable in homes, workplaces and community through monthly educational meetings, pop-up events, and monthly newsletters.   UA connects people and organizations promoting sustainability to increase the sustainability of life in out communities.

Associate Members (Receive only funds designated for the specific organization)

American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Iowa

The state affiliation of the national ACLU works to advance and uphold civil liberties for all, and to ensure the rights of all Iowans.  No matter who you  are or what you believe, the ACLU is proud to make sure their constitutional rights are preserved for all.

Animal Lifeline of Iowa

Central Iowa’s only special needs, no-kill animal shelter.  ALI rescues and rehabilitates injured, handicapped, abused and sick cats and dogs, pregnant and nursing moms and orphans;  then adopts them into loving forever homes. Animals are not euthanized because they have been at the shelter for a certain length of time.

Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity

Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity (CVHFH) is an ecumenical Christian housing ministry dedicated to building simple, decent, and affordable homes in partnership with families in Linn and Benton counties. Seeking to put God’s love into action, CVHFH brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa

CWJ, Iowa’s only worker center, empowers low-wage and immigrant workers to organize in their workplaces and neighborhoods for good jobs and inclusive communities. Worker members and community allies have recovered unpaid wages, launched a Community ID program, educated workers about workplace and civil rights, and continue to build grassroots leadership.

Girls on the Run of Eastern Iowa

Girls on the Run of Eastern Iowa is an after-school active learning program that uses the power of running to prepare 3rd – 6th grade girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living.  Girls prepare for a 5k event while fostering confidence, developing character, and building positive connections.

Iowa Humane Alliance

IHA is committed to solving animal overpopulation and eliminating euthanasia of healthy animals by providing high-quality, and affordable spay and neuter services. Other programs include Love For Pets outreach, Spay Iowa referral database, Spay/Neuter Transport, and Trap/Neuter/Return Resource Assistance Program. Provides support for other organizations by recognizing their goals, maximizing their strengths, and utilizing vital resources.

Johnson County Humane Society

JCHS helps keep companion animals in their homes and out of shelters by providing financial assistance for spaying/neutering, distributing pet food to those in emergency need, and offering advice on animal behavior.  JCHS supports and promotes the humane treatment of all animals.

Trees Forever

Determined to make a difference in our neighborhoods and communities, we plant and care for trees, shrubs, native grasses and the environment.  Our work empowers people, builds community, fosters stewardship and promotes the value and importance of our natural areas for future generations.