Joining Iowa Shares

Why Your Organization Should Join Iowa Shares


Your agency becomes part of a dynamic coalition of diverse agencies working together. Iowa Shares provides great opportunities to connect with nonprofits across the state dedicated to promoting change to improve our communities.


Iowa Shares publications and website market your agency to potential donors that you may not have been able to previously reach. We list information on each member agency in our campaign brochures distributed to thousands of employees across the state.


Workplace giving provides an alternative source of funding for your agency. The money our member organizations receive through Iowa Shares is unrestricted so they can decide how to best utilize the funds.

Requirements for Joining Iowa Shares

To be eligible, an organization must:

  • Be a 501 (c) 3 organization
  • Be in existence for a minimum of two years
  • Have a nondiscrimination policy
  • Limit fundraising and administrative costs to 25% or less of the organization’s budget

Process for Joining Iowa Shares

  • The nonprofit must be eligible (see list above)
  • If eligible, you can email our Program Coordinator, Holly Hart, at to receive an application to join. You may also request to meet with an Iowa Shares representative to learn more about Iowa Shares. You can contact the Iowa Shares office at 319-338-1446.
  • The organizational overview materials and the application are here: Iowa Shares New Member Overview, Iowa Shares New Member Application
  • After filling out and returning the application, our Membership Chair will get in contact with you to set up a quick presentation. This presentation is a short 10-15 minute discussion between your organization and our board of directors. We meet via ICN sites to accommodate several locations.
  • Immediately following your presentation, the Iowa Shares board of directors will vote on acceptance and you will be notified within three days by an Iowa Shares representative of the outcome.
  • All approved organizations are eligible to participate in the following years’ workplace giving campaign to receive unrestricted funds.

Thank you for your interest in joining Iowa Shares! Please email us for further information.